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Opening statement

The CTP website has been designed following the guidelines in the document 'Web content accessibility guidelines 1.0' (1.0 web content accessibility guidelines), developed by belonging to the W3C WAI Working Group.

These guidelines aims to facilitate access to the information provided from the Internet to all citizens. The main measures taken include the following:

  • The website has been developed with the language of programming XHTML 1.0 Transitional
  • For the graphical representation of the contents have been used styles sheets in Cascade (CSS).
  • All pages have been validated as XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CSS 2.0.
  • All images have a description using the 'alt' attribute.
  • All links have a description using the 'title' attribute.
  • The website texts are dimensions, allowing the user to modify its size from the browser you are using based on your preferences.

Available shortcuts on the website:

  • 2: CTP
  • 3: Location and access
  • 4: Urban complex
  • 5: Services
  • 6: Environment
  • 7: Business guide
  • 8: Contact
  • 9: Links
  • 13: Image gallery

Methods to activate keyboard shortcuts in the most common web browsers:

To enable shortcuts described above

  • Mozilla: ALT + SHIFT + number
  • Internet Explorer: ALT + number + ENTER
  • Opera: SHIFT + ESC + number
  • Safari: ALT + number

Navigation and usability of the website

Navigation in the web site, maintains the overall structure of the site, as well as the layout and presentation of the contents. The general structure of the site is:

  • Horizontal upper menu with access to the available languages of the site.
  • The main menu navigation, with access to the main section.
  • The second level navigation menu with access to subsections of the current section.
  • The title of the section, under it a column with an image left and rights a central area with the main content
  • A footer with the sections related to the LSSICE menu: legal notice, accessibility, copyright, and other recommendations of navigation

Accessibility level

This website uses style sheets in Cascade (CSS) for the graphical representation of content being independent of its graphical representation content. If you want you can browse information by disabling the download stylesheet in your browser. site has been validated with TAW and W3C Markup Validation Service (W3C validation service) tools.
The accessibility level reached is double A (AA). This website complies with the following:

  • According to the specifications of the 3WC XHTML version 1.0 language.
  • According to the syntax specified by the 3WC for CSS 2.0 stylesheets.
  • According to the Web 1.0 content, with level Double A., according to WAI accessibility guidelines.

Should a user find a problem with access to content during navigation, or detect a breach of the WAI guidelines, please inform as quickly as possible at this e-mail address:

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